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Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

Trained in the Method and Meisner approach with Susan Batson and John Desotelle, this unique skill set has garnered Sheikh leading roles in several independent films and theatre.

His recent credits include the mischievous ‘Puck’ from Once upon a dream, ‘Adam’ from Adam and Eve, and the hopelessly charming ‘Will’ from The Kut.

Frequently referred to as a real life Aladdin and Sinbad, Sheikh intends to constantly steal such roles in upcoming feature films and series television- roles which require charisma, charm, gut and humor.


                                                            Genre                                  Role                      Director/Production company




The Usual                                     Comedy/Drama           Jacob-Series Regular           Midnight Mogul Media

The Kut                                        Comedy/Drama              Will-Series Regular            Midnight Mogul Media

For You                                      Romantic Comedy                 Brian- Lead                           Alvin Seenauth

The Diamondback Robbery         Action/Drama                    James- Lead                         Joel Pazmino

Rakshasa                                             Sci-Fi                                Neil- Lead                          Samuel Cooper




Once upon a dream                         Comedy                           Puck/Ryan                          Nuance Theatre

Adam and Eve                                  Comedy                               Adam                             The Tank Theatre

The Crucible                                     Tragedy                          Francis Nurse                       Aronow Theatre


Training & Workshops

Meisner technique: John Desotelle Studio, John Desotelle

Develop Your Own Method- Master Class: Susan Batson Studio, Susan Batson, Tom Brangle, Cloe Xhauflaire

On-Camera technique: Susan Batson Studio, Carl Ford

                                        John Desotelle Studio, Devin Shacket

Improvisation: Susan Batson Studio, Susan Campanaro

Method Acting: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Lola Cohen, Mauricio Bustamante

Acting on Camera: John Desotelle Studio, Devin Shacket

Acting for Film and TV: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Tom Brangle, Bill Hopkins

Special Skills/abilities

Fluent in Bengali & Hindi, Short-form Improvisation, Stage combat (hand-to-hand),  Horseback riding, Bicycling, Muay Thai,  Bodybuilding, Dialect (British), Vocal Range (Baritone)

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